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Opportunity Size

  • $3bn Aus. Organic Fertiliser Market
  • +43MT waste processing capacity by 2030
  • $84bn Global Chitin Market
  • $70bn Aus. Feed Market
  • Aquaculture demanding fishmeal-free feed
  • $700M Global Edible Insect Market by 2023
  • 100-200% growth in agriculture & animal farming to 2050
  • $28M/an revenue from single facility
  • 6x revenue streams

Quality of the product

  • Positive feed trials in BSF in Europe, North America and Australia
  • Positive results for salmon, tilapia, pigs, laying hens, meat chickens
  • Trials proposed for feedlots, broilers, salmon and barramundi

Why Entopro is the industry leader?

  • First mover in Oceania
  • Largest breeding facilities in Australia
  • Strong partnerships with industry, government and research globally
  • Pilot is in collaboration with city and state government

Entopro Quality Organic Fertilizers Infographic

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